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Floor Installation

Floor Installation

At Hardwood Flooring Specialists we take great pride in providing the highest quality standards and professional installation service.

Through our 20 years of experience in the industry we have completed a vast amount of residential and commercial projects.

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Floor Installation Services

Please see our range of services that are vital for every installation to be successfull.

Subfloor Preparation

Prior the installation it’s essential to optimise the subfloor conditions – we will investigate the moisture, levelling and integrity.

Should your project require any corrections, we offer:

Resin DPM application (usually on concrete/screed) to isolate the moisture from damaging your floor. This process will protect the wood from cupping, warping and swelling.

Self-levelling compound application to achieve a flat and level surface before fitting process.

We offer a floor grinding process to remove excess cement/screed, adhesive or other contaminations.

To level the floor or over joists installation.

Fitting process

Depending on subfloor and chosen product we will determine the best installation method for you. This might be using flexible wood adhesive, secret nailing or floating installation. Over the years we have mastered our skills and techniques to provide the highest quality finish.

Hiding expansion gaps is crucial in achieving seamless look – we offer the following:

  • Removal and refiting skirting boards or fitting new skirting boards/architraves
  • Undercutting existing skirting boards to provide perfect finish – without taking them off the wall
  • Scotia beading installation
  • Trimming doors

We can also transform your stairs by fitting new steps, nosing and risers - prefabricated or made-to-measure on site from existing product.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise we can help you choose the right wood, floor type and design to suit your needs and preferences. Whether it’s floor installation that you have already purchased or you want to check the wide range of high quality flooring from our regional suppliers, please get in contact with us.

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Floor Installation

For any floor installation work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a no obligation quote or advice.